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Preparing a Drift Car - How to Get Started?

2023-09-24Team | Sebon.pl
Preparing a Drift Car - How to Get Started?

Preparing a Drift Car - How to Get Started?

Drifting is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular forms of driving a car, gaining popularity worldwide year after year. Are you wondering how to prepare a car for drifting? We're happy to tell you what to choose and what to pay special attention to when modifying your vehicle.

First drift car for beginners?

Here's what you should know before buying one. Sporty cars, maximum power, and precision are the essence of drifting – an extreme motorsport. Dreaming of trying your hand at this extraordinary art? Make sure to start your journey with the proper preparation of your car. If you aim to maintain professionalism while drifting, familiarize yourself with the necessary characteristics of the drivetrain, suspension, brakes, and body of a professional drift car. If you plan to modify your vehicle, make sure to use only reputable shops that offer tuning parts. It's crucial to prioritize safety during your drives. So, what tuning parts will you need? You'll find out more in the following parts of this article.

Drift car

Professional Drift Car - Building a Drift Car from Scratch Do you want a good drift car but don't know where to start?

Begin modifying your car with the right foundation. Keep in mind that drifting primarily involves controlled rear-wheel slide, so rear-wheel-drive cars are usually the preferred choice. The most commonly used models include Toyota Supra, GT86, Corolla AE86, Lexus IS and GS, Nissan 200SX, as well as various BMW models, including the popular BMW E46 or BMW E36. Why these vehicles? Rear-wheel-drive cars allow for relatively easy initiation of slides and control during drifting. These cars are perfect for the characteristic "feinting" that is highly desired in the world of drifting. Of course, selecting the right base for your drift car is essential, but is that all? Of course not! It's time for modifications and the necessary tuning parts, crucial for the final outcome when drifting.

Drift car 2

Modifications, Tuning Parts, and Limited-Slip Differential in the Context of Drifting – Where to Begin?

Want to prepare your vehicle for controlled sliding? Pay attention to its differential. It's a crucial component that allows the driver to efficiently navigate corners and distribute power to the wheels in the same proportion, regardless of slip. To meet the expectations of drifters, you'll need to modify the differential by welding a smaller gear so that everything rotates uniformly. It's crucial to ensure a solid weld for extreme driving. Another equally important element is a stiffened suspension and lowering the center of gravity. At this stage, you'll need steering angle kits, adjustable shocks, and spherical metal joints, or uniballs. Stiffening your suspension will make your drift car more stable and safer during cornering, while professional lowering of the suspension will bring the center of gravity closer to the road surface, reducing the risk of the car tipping on turns. Now, it's time to stiffen the body! This step is primarily aimed at making your vehicle as stable as possible during handling, and it will require the installation of strut tower braces in the engine bay and in the trunk on the rear axle. For a complete body stiffening modification, you'll also need to install a roll cage or weld together several pipes inside the car. Now, let's talk about the engine. To boost its performance, it's crucial to swap the power unit. However, remember that all modifications should be done within the same model range to ensure compatibility between tuning parts.

In summary, remember that professional drifting is a true art that demands patience and dedication. Therefore, try not to invest substantial amounts of money until you've immersed yourself in the world of drifting. Which affordable drift car to choose? Of course, it will depend on your preferences, but it's crucial for a drift car to have rear-wheel drive, which significantly narrows down your options in the market. Only when you have the right foundation can you proceed with modifications. Check out the offerings at our Sebon shop and invest in professional tuning parts! We guarantee the highest product quality and expert advice to help you select the right equipment for your car. Onward!

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