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Angle kits

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We offer suspension steering kits for sports cars designed for drifting. The set includes a complete set of control arms and adapters along with a set of mounting bolts. Our products are made from the highest quality materials, paying attention to every detail, to meet the highest standards of quality and performance. In our store, you'll find top-quality drifting parts from leading brands tailored to various car models, including steering kits for BMW, Infiniti, Lexus, Mazda, Nissan, and Toyota. Check out our collection.

Suspension System - What Does It Do?

It's a fundamental part of a car, significantly impacting driving comfort and safety. What does it comprise? It's a vehicle sub-assembly also referred to as a system that connects the wheels to the rest of the vehicle. This system is responsible for transmitting the force generated by the wheels to the body. It ensures complete stability and maneuverability of the car, directly influencing interior comfort. The suspension includes all leading wheel-guiding elements such as control arms, transverse and longitudinal rods, spring elements including coil springs, leaf springs, and damping components like shock absorbers.

Steering Adapters - Suspension Tuning

What's the real purpose of installing steering adapters? Their primary function is to increase the stock steering angle without interfering with the body. But that's not the only benefit they provide. They increase wheel tilt, also known as camber. Here are a few popular types of steering adapter modifications:

  • Adapters that increase wheel tilt angle - caster. This affects the stability and maneuverability of the vehicle, especially beneficial during quick maneuvers on turns.
  • Changing the wheel tilt angle - camber. It impacts tire grip and even tire wear, enhancing grip on turns.
  • Adjustable control arms allow for adjusting suspension geometry, tilt, and wheel track angles. This enables precise customization of steering settings according to driver preferences and driving conditions.
  • Reducing play using more durable and precise bushings aids in decreasing suspension play, improving the vehicle's responsiveness to directional changes.
  • Adjustable tie rods permit the adjustment of tie rod length, allowing precise wheel geometry settings.

Purpose of Installing a Steering Kit?

Almost every drifting enthusiast has pondered how to optimize their vehicle's steering system correctly, enhance its grip on turns, or improve wheel alignment. Professional steering kits are necessary for this. Is it really necessary? Installing a steering kit primarily aims to enhance the vehicle's handling and stability. It's a crucial suspension component that impacts not only travel comfort but also traction and safety during driving. Fitting a steering kit allows maximum control of wheel steering, vital for proper vehicle control, especially during extreme maneuvers typical in drifting. Additionally, such a kit is responsible for safely widening the vehicle's wheelbase. Appropriately chosen and installed components ensure smooth vehicle maneuvering, minimizing vibrations and noise during driving.

Steering Kits - Easy Installation

Our steering kits are designed for maximum installation simplicity, allowing each of our customers to quickly and efficiently install them independently. When installing the kit, no cutting, welding, or grinding is necessary. It's a plug-and-play operation, entirely reversible, leaving the body untouched.

Variety of Steering Suspension Kits

We offer professional steering kits dedicated to popular car models from brands such as BMW, Infiniti, Lexus, Mazda, Nissan, and Toyota. A wide range of options guarantees our customers freedom of choice, easily matching the appropriate steering kit to their vehicle. With our steering kits, you ensure maximum wheel traction on turns and enhance overall control while driving. Explore our collection and select the ideal steering suspension kit that meets your expectations and allows you to enjoy dynamic drifting.

Take a look at Sebon's full store offering and choose professional drifting parts at competitive prices. We provide a wide selection of high-quality drifting parts tailored to the most popular car brands and more. We guarantee that our products will meet the expectations of even the most demanding drivers. Here, you'll find all the necessary components for professional drifting at attractive prices. Invest in the highest quality products and enhance your vehicle's performance during drifting. Allow yourself to achieve excellent results on the track with professional products available at Sebon!

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