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Lowering springs

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Do you want to add a sporty character to your car? Invest in professional lowering springs from the Sebon collection. Sports lowering springs are one of the most popular components in car tuning. The primary goal of using such springs for a sports suspension is to modify the behavior of the car during driving. Installing such a component will primarily contribute to increased vehicle stability during corners, thereby enhancing our safety during dynamic and fast driving, characteristic of motorsport enthusiasts. Lowering the suspension can significantly improve the car's appearance, giving it a more aggressive look, and when combined with the right wheels and tires, it can make your car stand out even more on the road. In our offer, you will find various spring models that guarantee precise lowering of the vehicle and the highest quality of craftsmanship.

Sports Lowering Springs

Springs are one of the most crucial components of a car's suspension system, and while there are many factors that influence driving comfort and safety, they play a significant role in determining the vehicle's handling quality. When do we use lowering springs? In reality, lowered suspension is a mandatory feature for every sports car. Why? Apart from the aesthetic benefits, it is primarily about safety. Lowering the car's center of gravity through suspension lowering significantly affects its behavior during corners in dynamic driving. A lowered center of gravity makes the vehicle more stable, ultimately ensuring greater safety for the driver while navigating curves. By installing lowering springs, we reduce ground clearance, usually by 30 or 40 cm, making the car's body stiffer and less prone to tipping over during turns. That's why sports vehicles or cars designed for competitive racing typically have lowered suspension, allowing them to maintain better road grip and handle the vehicle with greater precision. Additionally, a lower vehicle profile can also impact its aerodynamics, potentially resulting in better on-road performance.

How to Choose Lowering Springs?

Selecting the right set of lowering springs for your car can be a complex process that requires some knowledge in this area. Where to start? Before purchasing a specific model, first consider what exact goal you want to achieve. This will help you identify the most suitable type of springs for your needs. In the automotive market, you generally find sports coil springs, tapered springs, and threaded springs. The choice depends on individual preferences and modification goals. Tapered and threaded springs allow for greater height adjustment of the suspension. Of course, in addition to the characteristics specific to each type of spring, the brand is also significant. When tuning your car, and hence choosing lowering springs, opt for reputable spring brands to ensure that your chosen component is made from high-quality materials and meets essential safety standards.

H&R Lowering Springs

All H&R springs are manufactured from specially selected steel known for its maximum quality, durability, and longevity even during the most extreme vehicle use.

AP Lowering Springs

A relatively more affordable alternative for lowering springs, these also boast high-quality craftsmanship. Importantly, AP lowering springs are designed to be easily adaptable to stock shocks, guaranteeing even greater driving dynamics and safety on the road.

MTS Technik Sports Lowering Springs

These are high-quality lowering springs made from chrome-silicon steel, cold-rolled. The products from this brand stand out with German steel, an intense red color, and powder-coated springs that provide long-term corrosion protection.

Do Additional Modifications Need to Be Made after Installing Sports Springs?

Of course, sports springs can be installed without additional modifications, as they fit directly in place of the stock counterparts. However, due to the change in suspension characteristics, there is a greater risk of strain on other suspension components, such as bushings and mounting points. Therefore, it's worth considering the installation of polyurethane bushings, strut braces, and sports shock absorbers. Remember to base your choices solely on professional equipment and consult with specialists for any modifications. We recommend that after replacing the springs, you have a geometry inspection to ensure that the car meets safety standards.

Please note that suspension modifications may impact the legality of your vehicle on the road. Regulations regarding homologation and the legality of modifications vary depending on the country and region, so it's always worth checking whether planned changes comply with current regulations.

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