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Hydraulic handbrakes

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Every automotive enthusiast knows that the handbrake plays a crucial role in drifting. It's an integral part of a motorsport-adapted car, allowing drivers to execute precise maneuvers during drifts. However, it's worth noting that an ordinary handbrake is insufficient for professional drifting. What's required is the installation of a professional hydraulic handbrake, commonly known as a 'hydro handbrake.' This is a component that is most frequently used in tuning a car's braking system.

What Makes Up the Hydraulic Brake System?

Every hydraulic brake is activated by a special hydraulic system, consisting of:

  • A brake pump responsible for maintaining optimal pressure in the brake system.
  • A servo, if the brake system in our car is power-assisted.
  • Metal and flexible hydraulic lines.
  • A brake fluid reservoir responsible for maintaining a constant amount of fluid in the system.
  • Brake cylinders, often located in the brake calipers.
  • A brake force regulator that allows for maintaining optimal load distribution between the front and rear axles of the vehicle and the forces acting on them.

How Does the Handbrake Lever Work?

Most handbrakes have a very simple structure, making their operation straightforward to understand. The handbrake primarily consists of a lever, a handbrake mechanism, and cables. So, how does using such a lever work in practice? Pulling the handbrake lever immediately engages the metal catches, causing an instant lock. Its movement also activates the intermediate lever, which, in turn, triggers the cable tensioning, ultimately locking the disc or drum brake pads. Why is a hydraulic handbrake highly recommended for drifters? In simple terms, after pulling the hydraulic handbrake lever, the hydraulic pump immediately changes the pressure throughout the brake system, resulting in very rapid braking, allowing for quick reactions. Of course, this maneuver takes place only on the rear axle of the vehicle, enabling highly precise controlled slides.

Why Do Drifters Need a Hydraulic Handbrake?

For daily driving, a standard handbrake is sufficient in most cars. However, the situation is different when it comes to equipping rally cars. Using traditional handbrakes in rally cars intended for high-performance driving is exceptionally dangerous. Why? Because, as the name suggests, a handbrake is primarily designed for immobilizing the vehicle during parking and locking the rear wheels. However, this lock is mainly useful at low speeds, ranging from 40 to 50 km/h. Additionally, effectively locking the wheels with a standard handbrake requires the driver to exert significant force and skill to release the handbrake lever and engage the ratchet mechanism. We have no doubt that a hydraulic handbrake is the brake of choice for rally cars. Such a system provides an extremely quick response, applying braking force to the wheels with great power. It's worth noting that in motorsport disciplines, a standard handbrake based on basic cables or levers often fails to perform adequately.

Detachable Hydraulic Handbrake

Advantages? Highly durable and reliable construction, especially recommended for tuning a car's braking system. A hydraulic handbrake is primarily used for modifying cars intended for motorsport disciplines such as Drifting, Rally, or KJS. It's the perfect brake for rally cars, known for its durability and resistance to potential failures during high-performance driving. In our offer, you can find professional hydraulic handbrakes with detachable levers made only from high-quality materials, ensuring maximum durability during maneuvers and safety during driving.

Universal Hydraulic Handbrake

Designed for professional rear wheel locking. The product has been tested in the most extreme conditions, providing maximum safety and full control over the vehicle, even in the most dangerous conditions. The design is based on high-quality components that guarantee the highest durability and reliability during driving.

Installation of the Hydraulic Handbrake

In most cases, the handbrake is separated from the main braking system. However, when installing a hydraulic handbrake, this component is connected directly to the system responsible for braking during driving. This is the most common version of a handbrake installed by all rally and drifting enthusiasts.

Wide Range of Options

In our offer, you will find a wide range of hydraulic handbrakes from FAT, SEBON, Odesa CNC, RBS Technology, SilverProject, TurboWorks, as well as professional accessories for hydraulic handbrakes.

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